Why does my canon printer say offline in Windows 10?

Canon printers are one of the most common printers we see in most of the educational as well as corporate sectors. Canon has undoubtedly fueled the growth in the digital printing market. But sometimes, the best of the best might also not favor your luck when you are in a hassle and your canon printer keeps showing offline consistently. A canon printer says it is offline is one of the most common issues many Canon printer users come across. Not only the Canon printers, but the issue can pertain in any kind of printer regardless of the manufacturer or brand. Sometimes it can be way too annoying when you need to print some important documents, and your printer says offline.

But there is nothing to worry about as the issue can be fixed following certain steps. And this ins write-up, we are going to take a look at just that. Therefore, keep reading this article till the end to figure out and avoid such tiny frustrating issues from occurring with your printer. Before we get into the steps, let’s understand why your Canon printer is showing offline.

Why Does My Canon Printer Say Offline?

Printers may go offline for a number of reasons. Unpredictably it can either be a technical issue or just a minor aborted setting.  If your printer is set to off-line to save power, then you should change the setting. The issue can also take place if you are connecting your printer to a different network, or hooking it up to a different computer.

If your canon printer still says offline, make sure the USB cable is properly installed on both the computer and the printer. If the computer is not recognizing the printer, try to restart your computer. If it still fails to recognize, you may need to re-install the printer drivers. Weak internet connection could also be the reason why your Canon printer is offline in Windows 10, Mac, or in the Chromebook. So make sure you have the stable internet connection and both your Canon printer and computer or laptop is connected with the same internet connection.

Fix Canon Printer showing offline in windows 10

  • Head over and click on the start menu by right clicking once and search “printers”
  • An option of “Devices and printers” will appear on your screen right above the control panel.
  • Click on it and expand the screen once it opens. This screen should show the name of your default printer, which might be check-marked to show It’s the default one.
  • Now, right click on the name of your default printer and go to the printer and properties option. And then left click on the ports tab at the top.
  • Your default port might be already check marked. Use your scroller to find it and click on the selected port.
  • Left click on the configure port button, and underneath SNMP status enabled you will see the mark checked. Now you have to uncheck this mark and click OK.
  • You are done with the settings. Now you can restart your devices and check the functioning of your printer by printing a sample sheet
  • That was all of it.

Canon Printer Saying Offline

It’s one of the most common issues pertaining in majority of printers, but it is more likely to be fixed manually as it may happen because of multiple reasons as mentioned above. To get it fixed, you can try restarting your device and check whether or not the connection is stable. But if it doesn’t work out then we clearly got you covered in the above mentioned steps.

If all of the above methods fail, you can restart the print spooler if your Canon printer is offline in Windows 10, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, open the “Run” command by pressing the “Windows” key and “R” keys together.
  2. As it opens, type “services.msc” and press the “Enter” key.
  3. A window with the title “Services (local)” will open and to make the steps short, just press the “P” key.
  4. You will directly reach the “Print spooler” option.
  5. Right-click on the optional and select “Properties” which will open a new window.
  6. You’ll see the option “General” tab there and right below there will be “Service status”.
  7. You’ll find the option “Stop”, select it, and then click on “Ok”.
  8. By doing that, you’ll disable all of the services, and now you have to remove the printer files that is the reason why your Canon printer keeps going offline.
  9. Open “This PC” and type exactly “C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS” to open this location.
  10. Now select all of the files and close the window.
  11. Open the “General” tab again and click on “Start” to change the “Startup type” once again.
  12. Now reboot the system and you’ll find that your Canon printer is not showing offline anymore.

So these were a few of things you needed to know about how you can fix Canon printer showing offline. However, these steps may not work for all the printer models. In case the steps we have mentioned above are not working out, then you should consider reaching out to the experts.

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Why my canon printer appears offline?

There can be several reasons why your Canon printer appears offline but one of the most common ones is the printer being set on the offline mode. You can fix that by following these steps:
1. On the search box that you see right next to the “Start” button, type “Control Panel” and press enter.
2. When the “Control Panel” opens, double click on “Hardware and Sound”, and then open “Devices and Printers”.
3. Under Printers catalog, you’ll find your printer. Just right-click on it and choose the option “See what’s printing”.
4. From the three options that appear on the top, choose “Printers”, and you’ll see the option “Use printer offline” right below “sharing”.
5. See if there’s a check sign on the front of it or not.
6. If you see the check sign, uncheck it and go to the “Printer” option again to click Cancel All Documents.
Give the print command now to check if the printer is back online or not.

Why does my canon wireless printer keep going offline?

If your printer is going offline continuously, a cable problem could be the reason behind this problem. To ensure that you don’t see the “offline error again”, you must check both ends of the USB cable first. Check if they are firmly inserted in your PC and router or not. If you’re using a wireless printer, make sure that you’re using an Ethernet cable and it is also working well. Other than that, an unsteady connection can also be the cause of the problem. If that also seems fine, you can check the cable that has been plugged into the power socket. If you find all of the cables working fine but the issue is still there, you must consult a professional. 

Why is my canon ts3122 offline?

If your Canon TS3122 appears offline and you’re sure of the fact that it is not because of the network connection, then the pending print jobs are causing this problem. To fix that follow these steps:
1.       Open the “Control Panel” and from there open “Devices and Printers”.
2.       When you see your printer connected there, right-click on it and select “See what’s printing”.
From there click on “Cancel” which will cancel all pending print jobs.Q

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