Why My Epson Printer is Not Printing Black?

Epson Printers are a renowned source of printers and peripherals that have made it into the market long ago and are still in demand because of their efficiency and seamless performance. Most of the time the printer performs exceptionally smoothly but in certain cases, it may show some teeny-tiny tiny issues like showing offline even after being online or not printing black.

In this article, we will majorly discuss the reason and causes of the second issue and how to resolve them. Probably towards the end of the article you will get your answer if you were wondering why my Epson printer is not printing.

Reasons For Epson Printer Not Printing Black

There can be various reasons responsible for the printer not printing black, however, some of the main reasons for this issue can be the following :

  • The issues in the Printer Head
  • Printer driver related issue
  • Improper source data
  • Issues in the ink cartridge

Some of the easy solutions for these issues are mentioned below.

Troubleshooting Methods

  • First of all, you have to turn off your Epson printer and disconnect the interface cable between the computer and printer.
  • Now check the availability of paper in the printer and after some time reconnect all the interfaces as well as USB cables and long-press the power button to turn on your printer.
  • After turning on the printer, navigate to the printer settings and click on the “print a test page” option for test running of your printer.
  • Next, a dialog box will appear on the screen. Set the required paper size on the dialog box and click on the print test page button

If the same issue continues to exist and the printer is still unable to print black then you must check printer ink levels to determine the ink volume in your cartridges. Follow the below-listed solutions to solve the problem.

First, open up the printer and remove ink cartridges and then check if any ink cartridges are empty or about to end. Fill those up or replace them with new ink cartridges. Also, do not forget to check the clogging between cartridge vents.

Printer Driver Related Issue

For the proper functioning of your printer, printer drivers are also responsible in many cases. Therefore, if the Epson printer is not printing black then there might be a possibility that the printer drivers are not installed or outdated.

  • Go to your computer settings and search for the device manager in the search bar. Then in the device manager find your device name and click on it.
  • Now follow the prompts appearing on the dialog box and click on scan. Wait for the driver installation to complete and you are done.

We hope you are all sorted with the issue here. For more such other printer-related issues, look no further than our experts at “Printer IT Help”. Our experts are you go to source when it comes to resolving all your queries with the highest accuracy. Let’s connect today.

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