Why is my Epson printer not printing wirelessly

Epson printers are some of the best on the market that give value for money. You get more printouts with cartridges, and they have more clarity compared to standard cartridges. The wireless connectivity feature of the Epson printers helps you get your job done effortlessly. You don’t have to worry about connecting cables with your device. It is hassle-free, and you can print remotely.

However, if you are finding trouble with the printer and facing any Epson printer not printing issues, we are here to help. In this article, we have brought you some easy and convenient ways to fix the problem of being unable to print wirelessly. Take a look!

Before diving into the methodologies to fix the not printing issue, let’s look at the problem’s causes. There might be several reasons why your printer is not printing. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Wrong Or Outdated Driver

If you are using an out-of-date or wrong driver, your printer will not function. Your printer needs current drivers to configure and connect to your device correctly.

  • Paper Stuck Issue

If a previous print went wrong and some papers got stuck inside, your printer won’t provide you with output even if it accepts the command.

  • Signed Out Of Network

A recent password change on the wireless network can also cause the issue of not printing. Your device is signed out of the network and cannot take printing commands.

  • Your Device Is On A Different Network

If your computer and printer are connected to different networks, your device and printer do not have any connectivity. So, it won’t print.

  • Pending Print Jobs

Pending print jobs can prevent your printer from taking new commands. It won’t take up new print commands until all the prior ones are clear.

How to Fix when your Epson Printer Not Printing?

Check out these easy methodologies to fix your Epson printer’s not printing issue.

  • Check The Connection Between Your Printer And Device

You can start by checking whether your printer is connected to your device. If they are not, try reconnecting them and giving the print command. You should also ensure that your printer and device are on the same network. Different networks won’t let them connect.

  • Update Software And Driver Of Your Printer

You should check whether your printer driver is up-to-date and update it if it is not. You can check for updates on the Epson website under the Support section by inputting your printer model. It will show all the necessary drivers and utilities you can download to start printing again.

  • Check The Wi-Fi Status

If the light for the Wi-Fi status is not lit or is not solid, you should press the Wi-Fi button and hold it till it lights up. Make sure you press the WPS button before pressing the Wi-Fi button on the printer.

  • Check Signal Strength

Your wireless network should have considerable strength to be able to connect with the printer. Check whether the printer is not printing due to weak signal strength and ensure all the cables are connected properly. You can also try bringing your printer closer to your modem.

  • Reinstall Software

If you are trying to connect using the EpsonNet setup and do not see the Wi-Fi light lit up, check whether you have installed the software correctly. If you still face any issues and the printer is not printing, try reinstalling the software.

  • Reset Epson Printer

You can also reset your printer. If you are wondering how to reset Epson printer, you can do so by holding the tiny reset button at the back of the printer using a paper clip or pin. Turn on the printer while you hold the button. You will get a warning printout in 5 seconds. You can release the reset button. Another 5 seconds later, it will print out a sheet with a factory reset IP address that you can use to configure the printer.


By figuring out the reasons why your Epson printer is not printing, you can resolve the issue quickly and easily. The methodologies mentioned in this article can resolve any wireless connectivity issues so that you can seamlessly start printing with your Epson printer.