How Do I Connect My Canon Printer to My Laptop?

Printers nowadays have become a vital part of every workspace. From inscribing, reprinting, and Xeroxing, everything is just a few clicks away. It’s easily accessible as well as efficient in usage.

In the era of wireless printers, printing has become a cakewalk.  But at the last gasp, printing those dire documents in a hurry can be a bit of a task if you have recently bought a new printer and don’t know how to connect it yet. Tech and its mechanism can be undoubtedly confusing. As an avant-garde user of Canon printers, questions like “How Do I connect my Canon Printer to my laptop” may surely arise in your mind, and you must be wondering about how to connect a Canon Pixma Printer to your laptop if you have one.

But you don’t have to worry any more, we have got you covered. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the steps helping you figure out how you connect Canon printer to the laptop.

Below laid steps will guide you through the usage of every paraphernalia that you need to know while connecting your printer to your computer.

Going through the user manual is an important part that needs to be followed for the basic setup.

4 steps to connect Canon Printer with your computer

  • First off, turn on devices, your laptop, and printer using the power buttons. Make sure both USB and Printer is connected with USB.
  • Go to your windows device’s start menu and click on the second option “Devices”.
  • After that, you will get the option of adding printers and scanners. Click on the option and straightaway your computer will start looking for nearby available devices.
  • The name of your printer will be visible on the list. Up next, you have to select it and click “Add Device“.

 Here you go. Your printer is connected to your device and now you can print all your bulk sheets. Now, if you want to learn how to connect your Canon printer to an HP laptop you can easily access the printer by following these aforementioned steps.

That being said, let’s take a look at how you can connect a wireless printer.

5 Steps to Canon connect a wireless printer to your laptop

First thing first, you have to connect your device and the printer on WiFi or pair both the equipment via Bluetooth. After that, you may proceed with the steps mentioned hereafter.

  •  Go to your windows device’s start menu and then go to the Control Panel.
  • Click on the “Devices” option in the control panel.
  • After that, you’ll come across the “Add printers and scanners” option; click on that to proceed further.
  • When you open the add printer, Click Add a network, “Wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  • You would be able to see a list of nearby available devices, you have to choose the name of your printer and click on it (If the name of your printer doesn’t show up, you have to add it manually).

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How to connect the Canon printer to my laptop?

To connect your Canon printer to a laptop, follow these steps:
1.       Turn off your printer and check if all of the cables are connected well or not.
2.       Then, download the latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s website.
3.       After installing the driver, open the “Control Panel” and double-click on the “Hardware and Sound” menu.
4.       From the list, choose “Devices and Printers” and click on the “Add a Printer” option.
5.       Choose the local printer option and select your printer.
6.       Follow the instructions and click on the Finish tab to complete the process.

How to connect my Canon wireless printer to my laptop?

To connect a wireless Canon printer to your laptop, you have to follow a set of instructions. All you need to do is make sure that you’re running the laptop and the printer on a steady network connection.
Or, you can download the “Canon PRINT App” through which you can connect your Canon printer on your laptop with iOS or Windows as the OS. Install the app and follow the steps, enter the Wi-Fi password and name and you’ll see that the two devices are connected successfully.

How to connect my Canon printer to my laptop wirelessly?

To connect your Canon printer to a laptop wirelessly, you can use the “WPS Setup Connection” method. Follow these steps for that:
1.       Turn on your Canon printer and place it nearby the Wi-Fi router.
2.       Press and hold the “Wi-Fi button’ on your printer and you’ll see the blue light is blinking.
3.       After 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the router.
4.       Wait for a while until your printer and Wi-Fi router develop a connection.
5.       When connected, the blue light will stop blinking and will be still.
6.       Try to give the print command to check if everything is working fine or not.

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How to Connect Your Canon Printer to Laptop?

Canon printers are among the favorites when it comes to print documents in an office or high-quality photos for a project. Whether the printer is wireless or wired, you can face some issues while installing it or while connecting it to the Wi-Fi. If you’ve been looking for ways to connect your HP printer to a laptop, reading this article further can help you.

 to connect a Canon printer to an HP laptop?

The first thing you need to do is installing your Canon printer on your laptop and you can follow these steps:
Make sure that the printer is off and plug one end of the USB cable into the printer and the other end into the laptop.
Insert the Canon printer’s installation CD to get on with the installation process.
If the CD runs effortlessly, you just have to follow the steps that appear on the screen.
If the CD doesn’t run, open the CD’s folder to see the content, and double click on “Setup.exe”.
When the Printer Connection screen appears, switch the printer on.

How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop with a USB cable?

Turn off the printer and use the USB cable to connect your laptop and printer.
Once the cable is connected, switch on the printer.
Now, from the Control Panel, open “Hardware and Sound”.
From the list, select “Devices & Printer”, open it, and choose “Add a Printer”.
You’ll see “Local Printer” there, double click on it, and choose the correct printer port.
Locate the ‘Canon’ printer option in the driver window and name the printer.
Select “Next”, decide on if you want to share the printer with other devices, and set up your printer as a Default.

How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop wirelessly?

To connect your printer wirelessly, you can use a WPS setup or Wi-Fi-protected setup but make sure that your printer model is equipped with that facility. It is one of the easiest methods to connect your laptop to a Wi-Fi connection but the conditions are the access point must have a physical WPS push button and the connection must be protected with a WPA security protocol.
Turn the printer on. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until you see the lights blinking.
You’ll observe a blue light blinking right next to the WiFi button.
As soon as you notice this, go to the access point and press the WPS button.
The lights will stop blinking when the connection is established between your laptop and printer.

The Bottom Line

So, that’s all for this piece of writing, but if you want to know anything else related to printer, you should not hesitate to get in touch with the right professionals. Keep in mind that the longer you take to make a decision, the worse a situation becomes. This means, when you notice a glitch in your printer for the first time, you should not overlook, and try to get it fixed. Nonetheless, you can follow the steps mentioned above in order to get rid of the issue. If you have been in a quest for how to add WiFi to a printer to a laptop, we can also help you with that.

Moreover, if you still face any trouble while connecting your printer with any device, our team of experts at ‘Printer IT help’ are always at one’s fingertips to help you out.

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