In today’s day and age, technology has completely revolutionized the idea of printing documents. In fact, it’d be safe to say that you’ve probably never printed a physical document in your life if you’re a Chromebook user and you didn’t understand how to connect Chromebook to wireless printer.

There are certain situations where a paper copy is necessary. This means it’s a good idea to know how to connect a wireless printer to your Chromebook. This article will help you set up your printer with your Chrome OS device.

Setting Up Wireless Printer

To connect your Chromebook to a wireless printer, first, ensure that they are on the same Wi-Fi network. Also, remember that some printers might require you to install the software first on your computer before being able to establish a connection. Follow the steps given below when you feel lost and wonder how do I connect my Chromebook to a wireless printer.

  1. On your Chrome screen, select the icon at the bottom right corner of the window.
  2. Click on the option “Advanced”.
  3. Select the “printing” option, and then click on “printers”.
  4. Choose “Available printers to save” and click on the printer you wish to add.
  5. Click on “save” to add your printer.
  6. Make sure your wireless printer name shows up at the top of the screen. Under “Saved Printers” should be your networked devices including phones, computers, and tablets.

For some people, the printer settings go smoothly. But for others, it can be a little tricky. If you’re having problems with saving your new printer settings on certain devices, there are some advanced options you can try when you understand how to connect Chromebook to wireless printer.

  1. To facilitate the initial setup procedure, click on the “Set up” tab next to your printer name.
  2. From a pop-up, select the model and manufacturer of your printer you are trying to add.
  3. Click on the “Add” option and check if your wireless printer is showing up at the top of your screen.

The best printer models for your needs are not always listed in the drop-down menu on the main screen, so you may have to search elsewhere for them. The printer PPD (PostScript Printer Description) can tell us which models to check out. To do this, just click on “Browse” on the pop-up screen next to where it says “or specify your printer PPD.”

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