We are currently living in a technological world, and a printer has become essential for our homes and offices. Many printer manufacturing companies are there, and Canon is one of the leading brands because their printers come with an array of advanced features and facilitate quick print.

However, similar to any other machine, a Canon printer can encounter some technical problems. Well, the good news is that Canon printer problems troubleshooting is relatively easier than other brands. Let us see how:

Simple steps for troubleshooting a Canon printer

We have prepared a basic Canon printer troubleshooting guide in multiple steps so that you can easily fix your printer in the least amount of time. Follow the given below points to troubleshoot correctly:

Step 1: Look at the Canon printer, check the indicator lights, and see if it is blinking in any particular pattern. Then, see the manual to find out if there is a corresponding error code. If yes, follow the instructions given in the manual for eradicating the problem. If no particular error code is given, continue to the next step.

Step 2: Ensure the power cord is correctly plugged into the wall outlet. Then see if the USB cable is tightly connected to the computer system. You can open the printer’s top and instantly do a visual inspection to see if any kind of paper is stuck in the paper tray.

Step 3: Then, restart your computer and try to print something new if your computer has stopped recognizing the printer or if the print queue has stopped responding because of a software problem.

Step 4: Visit the “Control Panel” from your computer, and select the “Printer and Faxes” icon. Then, you need to tap the “Add A Printer” icon in case your Canon printer is not showing up in your list. You need to follow the on-screen instructions and allow your computer to run a test for trying to identify the printer.

Step 5: Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Canon printer software and then navigate to the web browser. You need to open the official website of Canon Printers and then download the recent software driver’s version.

Step 6: You need to open the Canon printer software on your PC and then select “Properties”, or the “Options” tab. Choose “Clean Print Heads” or “Test Alignment” based on the software’s version. You need to wait for some time to finish the alignment and get a test page properly printed. In case the problem of your Canon printer not printing still persists, contact Canon for replacement or repair.

The ink tanks may create problems:

Many people ask, “my Canon printer is not printing,what should I do,” but fail to check the ink tank. In case the ink tank is empty, in the incorrect position, or if it is not securely installed, it can lead to problems. Let us find out how to fix them.

  • If the ink tank is empty

In most Canon printers, an error message is displayed on the printer’s LCD if the ink tank is empty. See into it to identify the ink problem, then take corrective action based on the error condition.

  • If the ink tank is incorrectly positioned

You need to open the scanning u nit and then see the ink lamps. In case the tank has sufficient ink, but the ink lamp is constantly flashing red, it might be that the ink tank is incorrectly positioned. You will need to position the ink tanks properly, or else you might just need to replace the ink tanks.

  • If the tank is not securely installed

There might be a problem with the ink tank installation. You need to open the printer cover (scanning unit) and see the ink lamps. If the ink lamp is not lit, you must press the “Push” mark on the tank. After the ink lamp is completely inserted, the ink lamp will light up red.


Canon has proved itself to be a reputed brand in the printing industry and has a considerable number of users. But problems are uncertain, and they can also occur in Canon printers. If you are unable to detect the printer problem or are unable to solve it, it is always recommended to get in touch with the company and get it fixed by a professional.