How to Connect Printer to Computer Wirelessly?

Most printers nowadays can connect to wireless networks, and with most operating systems including the latest Windows and Mac laptops, you’ll be able to easily print from anywhere in your home. However, there may be some difficulty while trying to connect printer to computer as it requires a few steps.

If you don’t have network settings installed on your computer, don’t worry, they can be easily installed. Don’t be alarmed if it’s challenging though – most people find this kind of task definitely worth the time spent getting it done right. You can follow the steps given below to connect printer to computer without hassle.

Connecting Printer to the Home Network

  • Setting up a wireless printer is easy. If your printer is wireless, you’ll see an icon on the screen for connecting to your wireless network.
  • Simply click the icon and follow the prompts for adding devices to your network.
  • You will need to select your SSID (network name) and enter your password if you have one set up for security
  • Once you connect your network printer to your laptop via Wi-Fi, it is no longer necessary for the computer to be connected directly to the same wireless network.
  • You can print documents once they are transferred via WiFi on your printer’s touch screen panel (just like you would on an iPad). Click the network printer in the “Print” dialog in any program to print to it.

So, these are the steps that you can followto connect your printer theWiFi.Remember, this is the first step to connect a printer to a laptop via WiFi. Once you are done with this step, no you can proceed forward. Keep in mind that sometimes WiFi networks are not stable that may cause immense trouble while connecting the devices. So, make sure that your home network is utterly stable. You should also ensure that the network has decent speed. If you feel that your WiFi network is not stable, you should consider getting in touch with your internet provider. The person will resolve the network related issues if it had any. Once you are ready with all these things, now you can move for the next step. Please follow the below-mentioned stepsif you wanted to know how to connect a printer to a laptop via WiFi.

Connecting The Wireless Printer to the Computer

  • Your computer can find a printer connected to the same network.
  • Hitting Start should take you to the Desktop and then go to the Settings menu.
  • The quickest way is probably to right-click on your Start menu button and then left-click Change Settings in the context menu that appears.
  • Then select Devices in the left sidebar that appears and then select Printers & scanners.
  • You can search for printers by clicking on Find Printer which will bring up a wizard, or you can manually choose what printer you wish to use by selecting Add Printer.
  • If Windows doesn’t find your printer, select The printer that I want isn’t listed, install the drivers and try again.

There are multiple methods you can follow to figure out how to connect printer to computer wirelessly but the aforementioned steps are easy to follow and you won’t find them much difficult. You can also refer to the printer’s manual for help. In case nothing has helped you out to connect your printer to computer, let us help you out.

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The Bottom Line

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Nonetheless, if you ever face any issues with your printer, please let us know how we can help you. Thank you for reading this write-up.

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