So, you just bought an Epson printer, but now you’re looking forward to installing it on your PC or laptop. Printers are useful machines but need to be appropriately set up and installed; otherwise, you’ll face difficulty while working. So, to make the printer work according to your usage, you have to be very careful during its setup. If you’re planning to take up the responsibility on your shoulders and need to set up an Epson printer , just follow these steps:

1. Get the Printer Ready

First of all, you need to prepare the printer for the setup. Begin unpacking the printer and getting rid of all stickers and blue adhesive tape. Then, open the paper tray and load some paper in it and gently push the holders to place them in the tray perfectly. Next, close the drawer and connect the power cable to the socket.

2. Install the Ink Cartridges

  • Lift the top lid of the printer, and find the cartridge holder. If you’re not so sure about the holder, you can take help from a professional.
  • Get the cartridges unpacked and place them carefully with the right color in the right place. If you can’t find the difference between the colors, you must look at the bottom of the cartridge.
  • Remove the green cap of the cartridge and gently push it into the space.
  • Push the cartridge gently and stop as you hear a clicking sound.

3. Connect It to the Computer

The most basic way to connect a printer to a computer is through a USB cable. Just connect one end of the USB cable to your printer and the other one to your computer. Establish a connection between the two devices by opening the Control Panel on your computer and adding the printer from the “Add a printer” option. If you need to set up a wireless Epson printer, you must press the Wi-Fi button present on your printer and browse the screen for the Startup Wizard. Then, run the wizard and follow the instructions on the printer’s screen.

4. Download and Install the Printer’s Software

You must’ve received a CD with your printer through which you can install the software. If you don’t have the CD, visit the official website of Epson and find the software file there. Make sure that you’re entering the correct printer model and downloading the right version of the software. Then, download the file and run it on your computer. As you run the setup, you’ll need to accept the license agreement and follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

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