With time passing by, technology is coming up with new ways to make your life better than it was before. The same is the case with printers which are crucial devices in almost every workplace and household as well. Gone are the times when printers were connected to a laptop or PC via multiple cables. Now if you want to know how to connect your printer to a computer, you’ll find many ways, and some don’t even need cables. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to connect your printer to a computer.

Through USB Cables

The most common way to connect small printers to a computer is via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) cable. This type of connection allows you to quickly and easily make them a part of your computer experience. As it’s a standard feature on the most popular operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, printers can be seamlessly installed on just about any computer. A USB connection is bidirectional which means the printer can even send data such as ink levels to your computer for monitoring purposes too.

Via An Ethernet Cable

This method is only applicable when you have a high-end printer. Such printers come with a built-in wired Ethernet connection that can be used with a local area network (LAN). If your printer has a built-in print server, there’s no need to connect your printer and computer to get prints. You just have to establish a connection between the network and the printer, and you can give the print commands easily.

By Sharing Another Computer’s Printer

Non-networkable printers can still share their services over the network by being connected to a computer that is connected to the network at all times. In this case, the printer connects directly to its host computer via USB, and the host computer then shares the printer over the network for other computers on the network to use. While this type of printer sharing is possible, it should be noted that if any problems occur regarding connecting or using the printer it will most likely affect only those computers attached directly to that one shared computer.

Via Wi-Fi

Connecting your printer to a computer via a Wi-Fi connection is pretty much similar to connecting it via an Ethernet Cable. Just make sure that you have a printer that has a built-in Wi-Fi network connection. There’s no need to connect cables here and there as you can give print commands from anywhere if you’re using this method. Such printers are excellent choices when it comes to using them in offices. If you can’t figure out the best possible ways to connect your printer to your computer, “Printer IT Help” can help you out. We are a team of experts who know how to solve the most complicated problems faced by users when they’re using wired or wireless printers. You just have to give us a call and we’ll offer you cost-effective and time-saving solutions.

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