How to Connect Canon MX490 Printer to Wi-Fi?

Printers have become widely popular in recent times, and their popularity is consistently growing. This is partly due to the large-scale uses they have and also as they are affordable around the world for businesses and home offices alike. The very fact that there are a lot of manufacturers from all over the globe producing them creates healthy competition, which benefits the consumer by either keeping prices low or opening up new possibilities for more technological developments and better functionality. However, some manufacturers still manage to stand apart from their competitors by being more popular with consumers than others. They are Canon, HP, Epson, Brother Printers, Lexmark Printers. Kyocera, and more.

Nonetheless, no matter what printer you buy, there are going to be some technical difficulties. After all, printers aren’t exactly perfect. Some common problems that printer users face from time to time are – discovering that getting the Wi-Fi to work is a nightmare when you want to connect it to your laptop or finding out that several prints come out blank after your freshly-replaced ink has still not dried. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to keep in mind that these issues may sometimes occur without any particular reason and sometimes not at all because of a lack of your own technical skills, which makes operating some printers challenging. Nonetheless, this piece of writing includes information that you may utilize to connect your Canon MX490 Printer to Wi-Fi.

Connecting Canon MX490 Printer to Wi-Fi

Following the steps below, you will be able to connect the Canon MX490 printer and your WiFi router in a couple of minutes.

  • Ensure your Canon MX490 Printer and your home/office router are turned on.
  • Open the initial setup screen and dial into your network by pressing the WiFi access button located on the touchscreen monitor on the printer.
  • If a popup appears, keep scrolling through until you see “LAN Wireless Setup.”
  • After this, press OK to select LAN Wireless Setup, and then scroll down to select the next networking option that says WiFi Network Scan; press OK.
  • Now, proceed with connecting again by clicking on Wi-Fi Password, entering your password, and pressing OK indicated at the bottom of the touchpad.
  • This will complete the WiFi setup process and allow you to continue to follow the printer’s menu prompts for loading paper and upgrading firmware as desired.

This process may take up to 30 seconds to establish a connection with the Canon MX490 printer using a Wi-Fi router access point.

So, these are the steps for the Canon PixmaMX490 WiFi setup. Keep in mind that sometimes you may fail to successfully setup your printer, and it could happen owing to a variety of reasons. But one thing that you should never forget that several people with the right knowledge and skills are out there who will never hesitate to help you get rid of the issues that you are facing with your printer. You just need to reach out to the right professionals, which might be pretty complicated for some individuals. However, you don’t need to get in a fluster because you have already arrived at the right place. We can help you with all kinds of printer issues, including Canon Pixma MX490 WiFi setup.


Why is my printer not printing black?

Your printer might to be able to print the black due to several issues. It could be cartridge problem so make sure they are property installed and be sure to check out the cartridge vent. Another reason why your printer does not print black could be print printhead problems. You can clean the printhead both manually and automatically.

How to Quickly Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Black Issues?

The best way to troubleshoot Epson printer not printing Black Issues is to check and see if all the ink cartridges are installed correctly. If there is no issue with the ink cartridges and the printer is still not printing black then you need to perform a deep cleaning on the printer. The cleaning process will ensure that all the blockages are cleared and the printer is able to function correctly.

What Causes Printer Not To Print Black?

There can be manifold reasons why your Epson printer in not printing black. Your printer might be low on black ink. If your printer is out of black ink, it will cease to print black. The ink cartridge may be defective. If the cartridge is defective, it will refuse to print black as a result. The print head might be clogged. The print head may be clogged with ink, preventing it from printing black.

Why my Canon Pixma MX490 is not connecting to Wi-Fi?

If your Canon Pixma MX490 is not connecting to the Wi-Fi, the possible reasons behind that could be:
1.       The printer has been turned off and you haven’t noticed it.
2.       The Device settings have been set to LAN inactive, change them and try again.
3.       The USB is not connected properly.
4.       You’re using an outdated printer driver. Download and install the updated one from the website.
5.       The printer is kept quite far from the router. Make sure that the router is kept under a 50 m radius from your printer.

How to get my Canon MX490 printer online?

If your Canon MX490 is showing the offline error, follow these steps to fix the issue:
1.       Open the “Control Panel”, double-click on the “Devices and Printers”, and check if you find the printer there or not.
2.       Right-click on the printer’s icon and from the list of options, choose the “See what’s printing” option.
3.       Another window will open up under which, you see three options on the top.
4.       The first one will be the “Printer”, open it and see if there’s a checkmark in front of “Use Printer Offline”.
5.       Remove the checkmark and start the printer again.

Final Words

Now you can print docs conveniently using your Canon MX490 printer. However, you may also face other complications with your printer, and you may require professional assistance. Please feel free to get in touch with Printer IT Help, an outstanding team of printer experts, always on call to solve all kinds of issues associated with any printers. So, whether you have connectivity problems, compatibility issues, or hassle installing the cartridge correctly, let the agency help you get rid of the issues.

You are probably thinking why you should not contact a local printer repair expert or someone you already know. Well, you can of course get in touch with them, and they probably will help you get rid of issues. However, if you are here, this means you are looking for a solution that efface the issue permanently. So, if you want to make your printer work flawlessly, you should not look for any other option than Printer IT Help. We can help you with Canon Pixma MX490 WiFi setup and more.

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